Our Story

Established in London in 2021 by Maryam Khan, DASKA emerged in response to a noticeable void in the fashion landscape – the demand for high-quality and fashionable modest clothing. Women who embrace modest dressing had long been overlooked, relegated to a secondary consideration within the fashion industry.

DASKA’s modesty-infused brand presents attire that embodies understated elegance, skillfully incorporating zip embellishments to provide a wealth of versatile styling options. Through their innovative reinterpretation of classic outlines, DASKA discreetly challenges and reforms long-standing conventions, sparking a renewed exploration of beauty and style.

Sustainability Vision

From the outset, our vision at DASKA has been rooted in ethical and sustainable practices. We’ve made a concerted effort to use repurposed fabric in each collection and ensure that all our packaging is entirely recyclable, reducing waste and promoting eco-conscious consumer choices.

Our commitment to minimising our carbon footprint is unwavering, and to this end, we’ve forged a partnership with Ecologi. With every purchase, a tree is planted in various parts of the world, contributing to reforestation efforts and environmental conservation.

This is just the beginning of our journey towards a more sustainable future, and we are steadfast in our pledge to incorporate ever more eco-friendly practices in each subsequent collection.

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